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Teenager drive a car

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Nowadays traffic deaths are becoming more frequent, and their main causes are alcohol consumption and incoherent people driving cars. In my opinion, more attention should be paid before giving people a driving license, but especially young people, which are a major danger to traffic.
        First of all, young people should not drive cars because they are too young to bear such responsibility. Often, young people are not careful enough when they go to the wheel of the car because they are thinking about the fun or other things that are most interested in them. For example, when a young man prepares to go to a party and has to get there with his car, he forgets the rules of traffic because he is rushing to get to his friends as soon as possible.
         Secondly, young people should be focused on things other than driving, they should be concerned about studies, about their future. When young people get a driving license forget about school and other important concerns for them, this distracts them from their main purpose. For example, if a young man barely got the license, he is tempted to drive as much as he is, because it is a new experience he wants to take, so he forgets about school.
         Admittedly, not all young people are irresponsible and are able to be alert in traffic, do not forget about the other activities in their lives. However, young people are not sufficiently prepared for such great responsibility because the driving school period is not enough to make them accountable as they should.
          In conclusion, young people are a traffic hazard because they have too little life experience for such a responsibility, and age-specific concerns may reduce the attention they need when they get to the wheel of the car.



I really like how you approached this problem and the arguments you supported. Indeed, age is a real problem in this case, since it is a very high responsability to have a car. At this age, people often have fun and do not have measure in what they do.  %-)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Teenager drive a car