In our world there have always been different kinds of political problems coming out in different states or countries. There are many ways to solve political problems, but can we decide between these two: revolution and reform? I believe that, for the sake of peace in a country/state, problems should be solved using reforms rather than revolutions.
        Firstly, as long as there we should be aware that there will always be new problems to come out, using a revolution, which means a radical change asked for by the people through protests, every time people feel like there is a problem will only cause chaos in the political system and in that state or country. Making a radical change instead small changes will overwhelm the systems and even the people, because big changes are always the ones that come into practice the hardest.
        Secondly, using a reform will help solve things a little a time. They will be treated with cautiousness and attention on every little aspect of that law that is not right, for example. This will also help following how things work after applying that solution because trying different reforms will help finding the solution that suits best the problems occurring, as it is easier to make a reform and change the wrong aspects than rethink it all from scratch, as people demanded through protests.
        Admittedly that there are cases where the system, step by step, became corrupt and inefficient and it desperately needs a whole change, and people know it and organize all sorts of protests in order to express their dissatisfaction and in order to demand a new start, but few are the cases when they actually get what they want, or when they actually are taken into consideration, not being too numerous, as it is more comfortable to sit at home and watch then be out there asking for a better country.
        In conclusion, solving problems through revolutions is not a recommended way to solve problems, as it is a sudden change, hardly taken in by a system.