To drive a car you have to be very responsible for your safety and for your passengers. I believe that you should drive a car at the age of 18-20 years ...... for a number of reasons:
Firstly, you have to be mature from a psychic point of view for drive a car.At the age of 18-20 you are considered mature to be responsible for your safety and you can handle yourself in limit situations.
Secondly, the more you are inexperienced, the more you will endanger yourself. Usually,immature teenagers will drive at high speed, break the rules and cause an accident or worse death of some people.
Admittedly, there are teenagers who will drive a car properly, however we should not give them the freedom to drive at low ages because they are inexperienced and they will endanger them.
To conclude, we should not drive a car as soon as possible because we have to be mature and be sure that we will be safe.

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