It was a warm night of summer, I was around the age of 10, from what I can remember, and I was playing outside.Me and some friends of a friend were curious about an old house that people were saying that it was haunted.I think the story of that house was saying that it used to be a kindergarten, but the educators were beating or abusing the children and, somehow, someday,  the place set on fire and all the kids and the abusive adults died inthere.And so, we wanted to see with our own eyes the big messy house on the inside, to find some clues or proof and make sure the rumors are true.

The brave ones, me and my best friend, went to take a look at the interior through the broken windows. On the exterior, the house was covered in dirty bricks, not even painted, and  as you would walk towards it, you could sense a disgusting smell of dead or maybe something rotten, or anything that contaminates the air in a way that makes you feel sick.
But what I had seen inside was beyond all my expectations : the walls were covered in a thick layer of mold, there were cobwebs at, at least, every corner, if not all around the room, I could see hundreds of cockroaches running on the walls in, what it seemed, a desperate way, the dust was visible in the air, just floating around, and from that window I was watching all the scene I could sense the particles of dust entering in my nose.But this was nothing compared to what God decided to put in front of my eyes in the next moment.In a fraction of a second, I was able to distinguish some little pairs of shoes staying in a straight line from the entrance door to the window I was sitting at. They were tiny and all of them black, carbonized.You can imagine how badly I freaked out.

After we got out of the yard of that house, my friend claimed that she saw bones inthere as well, but me, personaly, I donít believe this even today.All I can affirm is that that house was the most disgusting and horrifying place I have ever seen, and even now when Iím writing this, my stomach turns inside out.