"Out of sight out of mind." Romanian proverb says. Today, relations have a disturbingly short life, which is why we ask what are the hopes and secrets to having a long distance relationship? In my opinion distance relationship when partners invest resist feelings, trust and time.
     Firstly, most times the distance approaching people, not divides. Most relationships go away after some time to materialize if its partners are sincere. Today most advanced technology is allowing us to see and to hear more often, unlike the old days. For example, many people know on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. These networks allow us to video call is accessible and economical.
     Secondly, distance relationships can have a bright future and if the partners try to visit as often. It is important to know and we find our partner in real life, not only in the virtual world. For example, if we know the time at around us we can find both qualities and defects, things that we could see in the virtual environment. This can help to lay the foundations of the relationship.
     Admittedly, he says that "in a long distance relationship all four are happy". There are cases where partners are unfaithful, which brings the end of the relationship. For example, some people need to be loved by them physically, not just spiritually making them out to other people and to deceive.
     In conclusion, distance relationships can have a nice course as long as the partners are sincere, loyal and true feelings for loved investing.