In this contemporary era, personal results , such as exam results and school grades , dictate the life of the individual through life at  social level.As a parent, it is very hard to educate correctly a children , especially when we talk about school , and their results. Most parents want their children to excel in a certain area, so they resort to motivating children by giving them money.

        I think that it is not good to motivate a children to perform at school by giving them money for a number of reasons that I will list below:

        First of all, by motivating children , they don't have the opportunity to choose what like to do , and also we destroy the personality of our children , personality that theoretically forms around a certain domain . For example , Dragos's child had very bad marks at school , but , Dragos excelled at sport . My friend knew that Dragos is not interested in exact sciences , so he let him do what he wanted , at the level that ,today , Dragos is a famous football player .

        Second of all, by constantly motivating children with money , they will never grow ,in the sense that the respective child will be totally dependent and dictated by his parent . This type of children will be financiallly dependent  his parents and will wait that in every situation to need an approval. A good example in that sense is my brother's children ,Andrei , that has like an autism through at all time my brother dictate.. the next move ,Andrei being incapable to individually  evaluate a situation.

Even if some people would say that by motivating children with money, they  will have greater marks at school , if they were realistic, the children's pleasure resulting from what they like to do  is much higher than all the money on earth in the sense of motivation .

Even if some people would say that it is beneficial to motivate with money our children , in reality is more important to let them to do what they want , and as result , they will motivate themselves. I think that in the near future , parents will realize that this method of motivating children threatens their personality.

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