Having a long distance relationship is complicate... . You may not see each other at all and it takes a lot of time, energy and money. I believe that long distance relationship... didnít worth that sacrifice for a number of reasons:
Firstly, a long distance relationship requires a lot of confidence, but partners will always bend each other. The doubts between the two will cause many fights, these leading to separation.
Secondly, in a long distance relationship, partners communicate online or on the phone,but it is not the same as communication in reality because in the online communication feelings can be false and lies can be said much easier. In a relationship should be a lot of communication, and in a long distance relationship can not offer that.
Admittedly that in a long distance relationship there can be love and trust, however these cases are rare, and most long distance relationships end up quickly.
To conclude, I think long distance relationships are destined to failure because there is no real communication between partners and this will lead to separation.

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