Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my disapproval regarding the distorted picture of Henry VIII drawn in your Encyclopedia of Illustrated British History. It is my firm belief that every individual has the right to perceive an authentic and historical information without being influenced by the person who wrote it.
In the first place, I strongly believe that an encyclopedia should offer a righteous view on the historic events but most importantly, on the figures that played a fundamental role in them. The article about King Henry VIII is not written in an objective manner, his intentions and qualities being positively overdrawn by the writer. This matter leads to the erroneous conviction that the British Empire benefited from Henry`s reign.
In addition to this, the Hutchinson Encyclopedia of Illustrated British History is being used in numerous schools around the world. Students are encouraged to read this for reference and most of them are misguided by this information. Consequently, they forget to create their personal interpretations and therefore, they lack in qualities like nonconformity, originality and creativity.
A solution to this issue would be to remove some paragraphs and replace them with new, subjective and better ones. Also, a specialist could be hired in order to remove any other possible mistakes. By doing this, not only would the aforementioned problems be solved, but the professionalism of this encyclopedia would increase.
I hope you will give this matter your urgent consideration and that suitable measures will be taken.
              Yours sincerely, Claire