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Dear Diary,

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I thought today to tell you what happiness means to me, how do I see happiness and how this influences me. I think happiness is an ideal that everybody wants to give, but for every man happiness means something else. Some people find it as something spiritual or psychic, some physically, others spiritual, but it is certain that every one of us is looking for, whole existence gravitating around it.
     For me, happiness is one thing love. To be surrounded by people who support you and love you unconditionally is the most beautiful feeling you can feel. For every man happiness has face, a form or a texture and when we find it we can say that `We are the happiest people on the Earth` and certainly happiness I a choice of vision and direction. Each of us has the right to happiness, the right to feel that unique feeling of joy that floods our heart and this deserves any sacrifice possible. Although it is at the basis of our lives, I do not think that all life needs to focus on us, but we must live every moment as if it were the last one and we have enjoy everything that is offered daily.
     Happiness has always been studied closely by psychologist but no one has managed to find a universally valid truth. I think I found the answer as far as I am concerned: love, family, friends, travels are that things that bring me happiness and with which I build memories that I will have for my life.



Hello, BOoREd! I really enjoyed reading your post! As you, I believe happiness comes from love: from the love of your family or your friends, from the love of your dog that greets you when you come back from school or even from the love you do things you enjoy. Happiness helps us live in peace with our inner selves and with the rest of the world and I think that's why a lot of people want to find it, spending a lot of time doing that, not realising that it's so close to them, waiting to be discovered.



Hey,BOoREd!  :mybb: I find it to be very deep your composition . I truly think that love ,from family and friends are the reasons to be a happy person . But in contemporary era , teenagers , won't concentrate as much to love and friends , in stead teenagers will focus on making money , and that's really sad .


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear Diary,