Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my categorical disapproval regarding the national origin discrimination promoted in an article recently published in your travel magazine. Being wholeheartedly opposed to the idea of some humans being inferior to others, I firmly believe that it is our moral duty to stop these stereotypes and misjudgments from penetrating and disseminating into our society.
Firstly, it is undoubtedly admissible to presume that the media have had a major influence on people`s perceptions of various nationalities. Typical national stereotypes are spread around the whole world with the help of the news industry. Numerous exaggerated facts presented on erroneously make us believe that all Americans are fat, all Germans are devoid of feelings and all Arabs are terrorists. I am convinced that such incongruous concepts are detrimental to a society that allegedly seeks development and strives for national equality.

Secondly, as a Romanian, I personally encountered numerous situations when people displayed a disheartening attitude towards my professional capabilities for the sole reason that my nation was deceptively known as studded with thieves and vagrants. Such counterfactual perceptions were perhaps stemmed from globally publicized cases of misdeeds executed by people born in Romania. Consequently, I   believe that these singular cases should not represent our whole country and that we are wrongfully subdued to such stereotypes.

A solution to the problem of national origin discrimination would be to use the media as a way through which we could stop this phenomenon from spreading. It is my firm belief that by making more movies and articles about the crucial need to appreciate the beautifully created differences in each person, people could have a sincere change of heart. Furthermore, by drawing attention to the fact that the news could sometimes be misleading in regards to national stereotypes, the population could be motivated to filter the information they receive and not foolishly believe everything they are told.
All things considered, I hope that you will give this matter your urgent consideration and that further articles in your magazines will contribute to the eradication of this fundamental issue.