The aim of this report is to present factual information regarding the organization that I am a part of as a secretary and the issues I encountered during my time there. The data collected is based on gained personal experience and surveys conducted among our employees and will be given with the ambition that they will represent an accurate view of our firm.
In many respects, the partnership with other firms has been a major achievement that helped harness our capabilities and strengths as an organization. Not only did this undeniably benefit the relationships between employees, but it also deterred proclivity to laziness from permeating into our environment. By being held accountable by our partners, we saw it our duty to impose restraints on ourselves so as to be able to show professionalism and competence. As a result of our struggle to relinquish perfunctory work, our firm blossomed in front our eyes, with many awards and profitable projects to follow.
The only observation to make is in regards to the disheartening attitude of the board members. According to prior discussions with them about special training such as language learning, they categorically voiced their disapproval of such action notwithstanding the indisputably beneficial impact this could have on our firm. By doing that we could have strengthened our relationship with both international clients and prospective ones, but unfortunately, this action was manifestly discouraged by lackadaisical managers.
To conclude, I hope that this report will provide you with a candid insight into our organization that despite its inconsiderable weaknesses,  manages to denote professionalism on the marketplace.