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Crime Perception

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It is indisputable that throughout the history of our society, crime has always been a pervasive concern among people. Even though statistics show the decline of this phenomenon, fear is nowadays disseminated more than it has ever been before. Perhaps the growing issue of crime perception stems from people`s mistrust in the authorities, who they think belittle a crucial matter.
Firstly, it is highly important to draw attention to the increase in society` abhorrence towards misdeeds. Reports and statistics agree on the fact that regardless of the authenticity of historical evidence, people still grapple with unjustified fear. What may be the stimulus of this reaction is the personal evidence of one’s peers, who may have had such an occurrence in their lives. Moreover, given the major influence the media industry has on society, one other factor that could cause this issue is the garish exaggeration of media reports, that people foolishly find more trustworthy than authorities’ official declarations.
Secondly, there is a growing tendency in failing to bestow credibility to authorities. The latter’s efforts to allay the population’s fears have been partly ineffective as a result of people’s reluctance to trust them. Consequently, the problem has not been alleviated and shows no sign of decreasing with the help of the ones in charge.
In conclusion, what is concerning is that crime is erroneously perceived by the majority of the population.Therefore, we are left with a society subdued to unfounded fear and devoid of any effort to solve a detrimental perception that could be alleviated by a minor amount of trust in the ones who are appointed to protect us.



Couldn’t have said it better myself. Fear is a destructive state of mind, because it spreads like a disease and it evolves like one . An individual hears a terrifying story, and he passes it on to another, and so the cycle begins. Fear spreads so easily because of the freedom and opportunities we received as technology became part of our lives, a single over dramatised news report can make half of the people who watch it afraid.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Crime Perception