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Believing in the good things in life

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Imagine having to wake up every morning surrounded by pure, plain abyss, by nothing but different shades of black. What would life be like if you didn`t see the sun pouring its sparkling rays onto the world, or see it set behind the horizon, painting the entire canvas of the sky in pastel overtones? From the magnificent nature to the presence of our loved ones, we have countless reasons to believe in the positive aspects of our life.
Day by day, we encounter different situations that influence us and shape our personality in unimaginable ways. By choosing to highlight only the negative ones, the pessimistic side of us is strengthened and as a consequence to that, instead of valuing and using the time we have left on Earth in a beneficial manner, we tend to long for it to pass as fast as possible. Time is a fleeting blessing, and we should appreciate and make the most of it while we still can.
Another major matter that should be taken into consideration is the perspective.  As an example, soft rain brings along with it both a teeny shiver of cold down your spine and the fresh feeling of negativity being washed away by the patter of drops. Focusing on the first could only provide us with a sense of helplessness and melancholy, while the latter gives us the hope and refreshment we all need in order to be truly happy. The best option is to always look at the bright side of every situation.
For me, believing in the good things in life is not an option, but a necessity. In order to live my life to fullest, I choose to be happy, to see everything as an opportunity.Why would anyone allow sorrow to dominate their life?




     Although I'm an optimistic person in most situations, there are moments when I can't get the dark thoughts out of my head. It would be ideal to always manage to keep our balance, but there are circumstances where this becomes impossible. It is important to find our inner strength because after every storm the sun will shine, for every problem there is a solution.  :love:



I also believe in a more optimistic aproach to life in all aspects. You have expressed things exactly in the way i percieve them. Even though channeling good thaughts may not always be an easy task , i feel like itis something we need to put our best effort to. Having a more lively aproach in life is the only to reach and maintain a state of happiness and well being. I admire you for your raw oppinion.



A good lesson. Yes I know we should see only the little good things that make us happy but in the same way we need to see also the bad ones. If we don't see the bad ones we can't truly enjoy the beautiful ones. We need the bad ones to realize our mistakes and trying to corect them.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Believing in the good things in life