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Could building a bypass lead to positive changes?

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It goes without saying that people have become dependent on all means of transportation, but most importantly on cars. Cities are overflowing with vehicles, making for a more crowded and polluted environment. In that sense, the local authorities have proposed to build a bypass around the town in order to diminish some of the negative effects that the ever growing number of cars has on our surroundings. In these regards, I firmly believe that this initiative will benefit our city.
First of all, building a bypass promises to reduce the pollution within the urban area. Instead of passing through the city, people will have an easier way of getting to their destination and consequently the number of vehicles inside the town will start going down together with the level of pollution. On the long term, this project is believed to increase the city`s air quality, reduce noise and, overall, create a more pleasant home for its inhabitants.
Second of all, I think that implementing this change represents a time-saving solution for all types of transportation. For example, delivery trucks would considerably shorten the duration of their ride and win themselves extra time to serve more costumers and, eventually, up their monthly income. The same goes for ambulances who need to rapidly pick up and drop off patients.
Admittedly, building the bypass would take a toll on our local tourism since the number of visitors who pass through the city on the way to their destination will decrease. However, the problem can be avoided if we start promoting our historical monuments and attractions in order to convince tourists that our city is worthwhile.
To conclude, it is with my utmost conviction that I consider this idea to be a step forward for out city. Not only would it contribute to the health of our environment but it would also facilitate the transportation system and ensure the good functioning of several aspects of our comunity.



Hey ,Teodoretta!I love when other people are thinking about saving the planet and diminishing pollution. The solution proposed by you, the bypass, can be very effective in a populated city, and can bring great benefits, as you said, to people. In addition, this solution can reduce the number of accidents and can improve people's health by reducing the amount of exhaust fumes  in the city. Another solution would be to implement electric cars, which, parallel to the bypass would lead to a future, non-polluting city.  :flirt:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Could building a bypass lead to positive changes?