Food festival
The purpose of this report is to outline the intended course of action concerning the food of choice at the forthcoming festival organised by your hotel. The principal aim lies in arguing that traditional Romanian food is well suited for this occasion.
Finger foods
Romanian cuisine encompasses numerous dishes that can be effortlessly eaten standing up or moving about. For example, Romanians pride themselves in having one of the best selections of homemade meat sausages and pastramy, together with salty goat`s cheese or smoked lard. By having the tourists sample the producs as mentioned, it would be made sure that they get to try as many specialties as they can, provided the short duration of the event.
The filling appeal of the food
Romanian cuisine is better known for the stodgy aspect of its dishes. For those interested in having a quiet, sit-down meal, foods such as mince rolls, mushroom stew, polenta and tripe soup are extremely filling and, moreover, give a compelling insight into our holiday tablespread.
Event activities
In order to succeed in making our guests get a grasp of our traditions and culture, we should allow them to get involved in the process of making the food. This entails organising workshops where tourists learn the ropes of kneading dough and baking pies. To add to the authentic feel of the event, those workshops should be taught by grandparents of the staff members as to portray the familial facet of the food making experience.
To conclude, the easiness factor of consuming the food together with the hearty appeal and homely aspect make Romanian cuisine the better suited option for the food festival taking place in your hotel. Furthermore, people will most certainly be delighted to get their hands dirty and learn little nuggets of information about our country`s traditions.