As people`s lives are getting busier and busier and pollution rates are growing at an alarming pace, the hustle and bustle of the city has become unbearable to some individuals who have started to seek solace outside the pernicious city area. The country side is slowly but surely becoming a refuge for those in need of peace and quiet, away from the constant people shoving on the metro and cars honking tirelessly. However, not many are aware of the fact that this idea of perfect bliss of the most primeval origin is a blessing in disguise.
To begin with, moving to the countryside raises a number of questions regarding education for the younger members of the family. Although parents may be able to work from home or find well suited jobs in the area, the same rule does not apply to children. The best schools are found in the city which results in a lengthy daily commute, seasoned by the same traffic stress that determined people to move away in the first place. Furthermore, not only does this add up on the long term and lead to overall higher expenses but it is also athwart to that initial desire to diminsh pollution.
Although being isolated from the rest of the world in a little personal bubble may seem like just the right breath of fresh air that could quench one`s thirst for an escape, it also represents a way of loosening connections between people. What this means is that after living for a longer period of time within the limits of the city individuals inevitably create bonds with others who reside in their proximity that would eventually have to suffer, should they move further away. As liberating as it feels at first, living in the countryside can lead to unwanted solitude and single you out from your group of friends or relatives. 
In conclusion, leaving aside the beauty and appeal of the countryside, actually dwelling there comes with a series of disadvantages one must consider before taking the plunge and waving the city goodbye. Issues such as the cost of transportation for children in order to provide them with better education and putting one`s already existing social connections in jeopardy are only two of many to give some hard thought to. Meanwhile, we should all appreciate our current surroundings for they represent a symbol of man made progress.