It was an autumn day much like any other, with leaves rustling in the background to fill the silence and a chilly breeze waltzing with the tassels of my vibriantly coloured scarf. However, on that very mondane occasion I first set foot in the University of Medicine from my home town, not knowing that it would later become the place where I would dream to study. The imposing building, founded in 1879, lies at the heart of the city and constitutes the starting point of many doctors` careers.
From an architectural point of view, the construction is of considerable size and while the facade has undergone renovations, the general outlook of the building has remained the same. From my standpoint, the building ilustrates this beacon of hope for a meaningful future, fact that is also suggested through the everlasting burning flame positioned in front of the University. It is for that very reason that when I look up at the tall building I am overtaken by a feeling of happiness inflicted by what lies behind the concrete walls: a gateway to saving lives.
On a larger scale, the University welcomes students from all around the world who come together to work towards the same end goal. Not only does it prepare them to go on and become succesful doctors in their comunity but it also creates possibilities for them to practice medicine abroad and bring new information back home, in hopes to improve the current plight of the medical system.
The citizens of Iasi take great prinde in the institution and I myself feel lucky to have the opportunity to, possibly, attend its classes one day. In short, the University has shaped numerous prosperous doctors and it is my firm conviction that it will continue to do so for many more years to come.