The adequate project to invest public money in
The purpose of this report resides in making the better suited decision regarding which development is more likely to improve the current plight of the community and, ultimately, make the best use of the money that people have contributed. In that sense, the local council has conducted a survey in which citizens from three different age groups answered a series of ten questions stating their option.
A playground for children
Considering that 50% percent of the people part-taking in the survey are parents or grandparents, an astounding number of individuals expressed their desire to have a playground built in order to provide children with a mutual outdoor space where they can play together and make new friends. On the downside, adolescents and young adults were majoritarily against this decision for a number of reasons. On the one hand, in their leisure time teenagers seek a quiet environment where they can either spend time with friends or find solitude, which could not be possible with lively offsprings running around. On the other hand, the playground does not offer a proper space for any cultural events or festivals to be held, activities in which many young people like to get involved.
A library
Out of all the options people were presented with the library proved to be the most popular as it encompasses an all around comprehensive environment, well suited for citizens belonging to any age group. Teenagers can use it as a space for learning, for doing research and for organising cultural events whereas youngsters can participate in public children`s books readings or take language lessons. Moreover, building a library would represent a valuable investment for the community as it would provide a safe and warm place for people who come from poorer family backgrounds and grant them access to information they would otherwise be deprived of.
A leisure centre
While a leisure centre received numerous votes from the elderly, only 5% of the young expressed their option towards it. Even though a place designed for relaxation is much needed in the fast pace world of today, it does not add any cultural enrichment to the community. On the flip side, it is the only option that would bring in earnings and eventually pay off the investment.
All things considered, it is transparent that any of the options would add to a certain facet of the community. However, the better fitting course of action is to invest the money in a new library as it would elevate the level and frequency of cultural matters as well as offer people a calm, tranquil place to spend their time at leisure. Moreover, it would represent a much desired upgrade in the technology available for public use.