Dear organization,

I'd like to send you this letter to present you my capabilities to become one of your trainees for the internship.
I finised my studies in IT , I had a science based profile in highshool where in parallel I studied informatics, followed by the informatics university , but I lack the experience for a full time job so I wanted to gain some by joining your internship.
  I've heard of your past internships from old trainees and I am quite amazed by their stories and by the experiece they gained while they were trained by your organization, seen as now they are experienced in the IT domain and they make a living out of that.
For my work I donít need to be paid , I just need guidance ,help and encouragement from someone who is capable of doing that in order to improve my skills.
I hope you will consider my letter and offer me an opportunity to be a part of your team and I assure you that I won't waste your time and I won't dissapoint.
Many thanks,