Hmm a person that I admire I think is Anna Todd because she is a very good writer. Maybe a few from you know the series After, I love her books , these are so real, the action is somewhat boring: two students, love, arguments, fight, hate, arguments again seriously the characters love to argue each other. What I appreciate at her is that she started from below, on Wattpad. Do you realize how time did she spend on this? Is very hard to write million pages on the IPhone or laptop. You need imagination, free time, passion, and interesting characters  she was used the famous band: One Direction for male characters and maybe thatís the key of success: if you want to have success you have to use a famous person who is loved by hundred person, especially girls.
I learned from her books that every person can change someday for another person, I learned how can you be strong when you are depressed and I learned how to let people help me when I need some help .