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A person that nobody likes

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ďA person that nobody likesĒ is a difficult subject to discuss about, because, apart from the person, we must see the people around . A person that nobody likes could be a annoying, nagging, selfish, disgusting person, but still a human, who can change herself. He could be a traitor, but your best ally at a very moment. Also, he could be a pain in the neck, impassible, full of hatred, but, one day, your savior and your best friend. What Iím trying to say is that no man is just what we see at him or what we are willing to see. A human being is more then our eyes could ever see or imagine.
       However, this kind of person, that nobody likes, are very useful and full of meaning, enough for somebody that is open-minded, brave and bald with himself in order to look at that unliked of nobody person and see in his insight over that person, his very own defects. I think, that to blame another for the thing that you donít like at yourself, is common at humans, but one of them can controlled that and see the truth and others will accuse vulnerable person... around them.
       Also, it exist another case: when that person that nobody likes has made something terrible, like murdering someone. Here, I think the forgiveness is the only way to escape from hatred on that man. But, this ..... not means that you now love him. Not at all. You are indifferent to him. You donít love him neither hate him. You are at the middle.
       ďA person that nobody likesĒ is a difficult subject, but also a very interesting subject, who needs all ... time to exist, because we are human, we must love, we must hate, we must mistake, we must forgive, we must correct ourselves, know ourselves. And here, this kind of person could have a very important role.

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I really like how you approached this topic.  Indeed, we should sometimes see things from a different perspective, without hurrying to judge others or categorize  them as "people nobody likes". As you have said, a human being is more than our eyes could ever see or imagine. We will never know the role of all the people we will meet throughout our lives, but it remains our duty to be understanding and open-minded .


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A person that nobody likes