Formal vs informal

Even though we live in world dominated by savagery and wilderness, a place where only the strongest will succeed and the weaklings will watch the world crumbling under there feet ,(great time to be alive ) itís a way of showing the world that being polite and generous is not a sign of weakness , itís a sign of power and solitude that will get you on top.
I think that being formal is a great way of showing that education and combining a decent lifestyle with a polite way of being is (plural) a great way of being the best person you can be .
Firstly being formal is most of the time seen as the sign of someone serious.Whatís the dresscode when you Ďre trying to look good ?  ,everyone over the age of 15 raised his hand ^_^ for tux  ( I hope ) .As a bonus on the making you look dynamite , you look like a person who knows his business, who knows how to handle ......... , more than someone who wears a ho....die  , and youíre making the leap from simple to complex .
Secondly ,your new..... acquired way of being will make you respectable and respected .As we all know , intelligence is sexy , but when youíre combining that with some politeness you get something of a whole new level , some simple words and a little humbleness can make you a successful person.
Admit....edly , there is chance of being taken as snob or someone that is trying to be polite in order to get something , which could be true , but itíll get you to get your achievements .
In the end I have to say that being a formal person is hard , but that way you will make yourself at least slip through all the known ways to succeed in life .

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