Dear Director,

I'm writing you this letter to manifest my curiosity about the school itself , aswell as what benefits I receive by learning there. I read about it on forums of speciality and I can say that I am pretty amazed by the reviews, I've seen some photos too and I like its aspect and it looks like it's situated in a good position in the city.
Although I've seen all these things I want to ask myself some questions about the program, how many classes per day ; about the professors , are they good , do they go hard on you if you are new , and things like these.
Also if I might add , I want to know if the school pays for my study there aswell for my rent ,because I have no relatives in the city that I can stay at , so this is a pretty significant matter for me to form my opinion about joining the school.
Unfortunately, I can't decide yet if I whether I will side with your school ,although I'd like to. I hope you can respond as fast as possible at this letter with answers at the questions I asked , and if the answers are positive , I can come for a meeting where we can discuss the rest of the details .

With respect,