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The most disgusting place

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One summer vacation I went with family and some friends in the mountains. We rented a guesthouse found on the Internet. This was good advice but also bad. We have said that there can be extraordinarily bad so we decided to try.
We arrived at the location, we left luggage on the bed and went for a walk to get to know his place. After we finished, we entered our room, we opened the luggage and wanted to sleep. On the bed there is no blanket but had found one in the closet. When I opened it out of it came a happy cockroaches. I screamed and I called the reception. We told them what happened and we were told that this will be our little problem. Because of this there was a sleepless night. The next morning, while washing my face I see the ceiling full of spiders. The reception told me that housekeeping forgot to clean the bathroom. I get over it. At noon we all gathered in the lobby to go for a walk when suddenly among us passes a mouse. Immediately we got back, we took the luggage and left. Then we went and we stayed in hostels recommended by people close to us.



Hello!! Spiders and mice are disgusting!! I don't belive how you resisted with them!!  The owner must to be laid off.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The most disgusting place