Dear Mrs Peach,

I'm writing to you about the lab help at the Chemistry Faculty that I read on your site. I want to be part of your team because I think I'm fit for this work because of my knowledge of chemistry so far. I also think it is an opportunity to learn new things and develop my lab skills.
Firstly, my school results are very good and show me the level at which I am. My notes are the biggest in the class, and although the work that a tough one gets tired of me, I can handle all the attempts. I participated in various competitions, many of them chemistry, and I have always won awards. Most teachers have very good opinions about me, recommend me when needed, trust me and support me.
Secondly, I am part of many non-governmental organizations as a volunteer. I participate in volunteering activities on every occasion I have and I am very pleased to know that I can help because I learn something with every experience and become a better person.
Considering all the things I said, I would be grateful if I received an answer from you about it.

                                                                                                                                                                            With respect, Viorica