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The most disgusting place

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A lot of my friends said that Chisinau is a wonderful place I canít say deny it but this trip wasnít the best. The hotel was the most disgusting place I had ever seen, and the owner was very unfriendly. I reserved a room in a four stars hotel they say, but I canít say the same thing. I didnít want very much what I wanted was a air conditioning because in that week was 40 degrees outside and inside was more than that. I thought Ďí ok, I can survive without air conditioning but this room doesnít look like one of four stars hotel : it smells, the curtains is broken it look like a cat played with her, and the toilet had a little more time and left with usíí Ö Ooo and the pool , I swear I saw a frog in that Ďíbeautifulíí pool.
People didnít seem to be the most intelligent I ever seen, maybe they stayed too much under the sun, nobody didnít know where was a stupid park: someone said that we must go to left ,somebody else said Ďí no, it is in opposite sideíí so we went to left after to right and we didnít see nothing. After all of this left and right we arrived in park and this is the saddest place in the world: no kids, no pets, nothing but itís right who is as stupid as us to walk away when itís 40 degrees outside?!? to my defense I didnít know that itís a rule to stay in your house when itís hot outside in our country parents and kids are walking even if itís the end of the world.
Yeah maybe it was our fault because we didnít watch at Busu and go on a trip when itís better to stay in cold water but I canít bet that I will  visit this town again very soon .

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Maybe it was a joke that the hotel had four stars for to  take more money from customers. There are many places in Chisinau with bad services and a lot of people who don't know nothing about their town.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The most disgusting place