Dear Mr. Smith,
   I am writing to you in connection to your announcement in the newspaper for the vacant position of trainee lawyer. Animated by the desire to succeed, ambition, tenacity and optimism, I submit to your attention my candidacy for this job.
   I am 26 years old and I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law. During the years of study I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, in terms of knowledge of laws and foreign languages. I can not wait to be able to put into practice what I have learned, and hiring at your office would be an incredible opportunity.
   During the faculty I received a lot of diplomas, participating in various projects, competitions and debates. Simultaneously, all faculty teachers, as well as most of the lawyers I have worked with, recommend me for the post of trainee lawyer.
   I am a communicative, dynamic, with great power of concentration, able to cope with any challenge, interested in continuous professional development, determined and sociable person, personal features that I want to show you. The chance to work with you would give me firstly the opportunity to learn from you and secondly to highlight my intellectual capabilities.
   All things considered, in the hope that I have gained your trust, thank you for your attention and I hope I can give you more details in an interview.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Respectfully, Sweetie57