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an admirable person

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I was walking with my girlfriend in the park. I passed an old man who had a dog with him and demanded money.
    I went to him and gave him money. She told us that she could get something to eat. We wanted to see what you do with that money so I followed him. He went into a shop, he took bread and went on a bench. The dog got near him. Old eating and gave and dog. He was surprised that it was not stingy and that of Putin gave the animal. I went there to tell him that we enjoyed gesture surprised by this and I wondered how the little or give the animal. His answer surprised us: "When everyone turned his back on me he always was with me. I never abandoned me. He is my best friend and I love him." These words were just great souls and decided to help him keep this old man because it has a big heart.
    Since then always go around and tell everyone that he is a person with tremendous soul and worth following.



This story is interesting. The most beautiful thing is to share with those around you. You can have the moon in the sky, but what will you do with it if you have no one? We need to help those around us and be ready to do everything for those close to us. And I never have to leave them hard. We must always be with them. As for the reverse phenomenon ... Neither those who receive help should never forget that.



This kind of people deserve to be helped because they have a truly beautiful soul.I always think that you must appreciate what you have because that is the key for happiness. It's no surprise that dogs are called ‘'man's best friend'’ because they are amazing and they love you unconditionally. Very interesting story!



I think we shoud learn from this story this man shared with his dog his meal because the dog it was the only one who stayed with him in his tough moments.



Your story sensitized me. In this world it's very difficult to find an admirable person, a true friend who will always be by your side in troublesome situations. Also, this story teaches us that it is a fault to judge a person by his appearance. We never know what happens in his soul or mind, this is the reason why we should always be kind.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » an admirable person