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Unusual place

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It was difficult to choose the most unusual place that I've ever visited but Disneyland effect park won.
I remember that I was there with my parents about 5-6 years ago when I graduated from 4.th... grade. Disneyland which is near Paris has 2 parks that every child dreams of. The first one is an adventure park and is the reason why it is recognised by all people around the world. The second one is famous because it shows you the BHS(behind the scenes) special effects for well known movies.
First of all, I think that place is unusual because you don't have the big chance to have .... closer look .... how movies were produced
For instance one of the most best rides was the Indiana Johnnes train tour. We could admire awesome sets from one  of the movies. The most shocking experience was the moment when the train arrived in a station near a mountain and all of the sudden 2 big waves almost fluded us . People werw scared , children were crying and some of us were amused.
Our adventure with water didn't stop there . We went to main b...ulevard which was recreated for other films. We sow a manequin who held an umbrella. I wanted to take a picture under it and out of the blue  it started to rain in that area. That was another surprising moment with water.
Second of all obviously there was a huge cinema with hundred... of red chairs, an enormous screen and also show unbelievable effects. The experience was astoneshing for a ten year old child. I can clearly remember the smoke, the sprinkles of water and of course the final magical moment when the characters escaped from the giant screen. It was overwhelming.
In conclusion from my point of view the most beautiful part of these effects is the final content, not the procedure but .... is satisfying to see how far the movie industry has advanced

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Reading your composition, I felt a great desire to be there. Disneyland is my  unrealized childish dream, but it's still a plan. I truly believe that, one day I'll go there. 8-)


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