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Dear Diary,

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Today I thought to tell about my vision of today`s society. I am often surrounded by a number of people, others more different, others wanting to copy the type imposed by society. I am often alone and I am trying to figure out how much we are influenced by everything that surrounds us. I still have not found a response but I`m sure that one day I will find it.
     We are daily influenced by various external factors: family, friends, the mass-media, always trying to touch perfection, but not what we want, but what is imposed on us. Today`s society requires patterns that we should be touch them, forgetting what makes us happy, trying to change into something fake. We often ask ourselves `What will the world say?` being pushed back from a fake guilt. Me, for example, suffer from a very severe psychic and spiritual fragility, and when society catches the moment to show me with the finger, I begin to become more and more dark in me, I start to give a fake happiness, but on the inside I am aware that I do not find myself.
     For centuries, the society tried to put its mark on everything that had come out of the usual, imposing an artificial reality.  I believe that everyone is free to do everything that brings you happiness, to assume the originality and to want everyday to be better, without taking into account the words of others, 90% of which aim to deviate you from your way.



Society really changes very often, but the stage it is now is quite serious. Although people interact with each other, they are no longer just as honest and good. You get to feel alone among the people who surround you. Sad reality. :'(


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Dear Diary,