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Letter of intent

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Dear Director,

       I am writing this letter in response to your vacancy announcement in your institution. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Iaşi and I believe that in the academic years I have gained a lot of knowledge in law, economics, management, marketing and finance and look forward to putting this knowledge into practice. I am a dynamic person with very good communication skills acquired through my participation in various volunteer campaigns in which I was involved in promoting events. I am also a very responsible person, determined and interested in professional training in the economic field.
      I want to have the chance to work in your company, where I can highlight my intellectual capabilities and determination to accomplish the tasks and goals of the organization and my career development.
      If you consider my motivation and qualification to be good for a place in your company, I am available at any time to be contacted to discuss the details of a possible collaboration.
      My phone number is 0424xxxxxx and my email is sky_01@yahoo.com.




I love the way you highlight your strong points during your letter of aplication as well as the formal vocabulary you have used . Your letter is cohesive and complex and it has great structure when it comes to deviding your cv in differnt paragraphs. I believe that in spite of using a vast vocabulary and expressing personal reasons for applying to that post, you shout have given more thought into beginning each paragraph with a toppic scentence.



I like that it’s very serious and good! I would like to have have this type of application and I will “steal” some points from this one!😃


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Letter of intent