Being a student has never been easy. There are many students who are discouraged in school by their bad grades, thing that makes them lose interest in studying and lose any hope that they can do better. Even though some of them need a certain impulse for studying, I do not agree with the idea of parents paying them for their results.
        Firstly, not every family can afford .... paying their children for every good grade they get in different subjects. There are cases where the family is poor but their children are very good students. If money were their motivation, they would not be good students anymore.[nu se potriveste cu topic sentence, muta mai jos] Moreover, those who will not be able to afford this will feel bad among their colleagues who will get paid for their grades, thing that will also increase materialism among students.
        Secondly, studying should be something we do from our own initiative, not something we do for money. If our motivation is a materialistic reward we will no longer feel the need of knowing, of understanding the world around us and how it works, of learning new things about our past, our present, our body etc. In order to be a good student you do not need money as motivation, you need somebody to show you the doors and give you courage to open them, because if the seed is well placed inside your heart, you will eventually find the will to help it grow.
        It is true that some educational systems are very harsh with students, thing that makes them lose their interest, get depressed, despite their parentsí complaints and attempts to make their children understand that they need school in life more than anything. In this case, for some students this solution with payment for grades may work, but this is a solution that will not last long and that will create them false impressions about why they need to be good at school.
        In conclusion, in order to convince your child to study, it is better to show them why they need school in life, and help them find motivation, not offer it through money.

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