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A person that nobody likes

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A person that nobody likes os a person which is remarkable more by his defects than qualities and this is that kind a person who is excluded by her social group.
I think everyone met even once a person like that.
In fifth grade I met a person who at first seem a good person and everybody likes her then she changes and she become a liar and a traitress.When everybody see her true face they excluded her and everything that she does become to annoying for all of as like her voice or her present.
Everybody reproach her which is not the good way to evoid people like this.
I think that what she does and her behavior  is only for attention.



You're right. People like her will make everything just to be in the centre of attention! It is sad when they are excluded from social groups even they have a different behaviour.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » A person that nobody likes