That time when I learned something
When you are born you donít know anything because you are a baby. So every day since that moment you learn. I am not going to make an inspirational story where everything SEEMS straight out of a fairytale story. NO. I will write about something that IS true and that IS happening everywhere and almost to anyone. 
   When I was in eight grade I became friends with a girl that was shy. She didnít have many friends and she was very happy when I TALKED  to her.  She wasnít a close friend of mine, but we still got along just fine. I will name her in this story Cat. Cat wasnít a striking beauty. She was bullied for her weight and fashion choices. I felt really bad for her.
     One day, when we wore hanging out I saw in her bag some diet piles and I became instantly worried for her. I just didnít know what to do or what to say but I knew I had to talk to her. So when I got some courage I confronted her. Cat started to cry and she told me how much she hates the way she looks and the way people talked  to her. I just couldnít believe how much somebody suffered I didnít see it. I felt ashamed at myself. I   knew I had to do something to help her other than listening to her. So I came up with the idea of going together to the GYM.
   New we donít talk anymore because we are at different high schools but I know she is doing way better.
     So I learned that everybody needs somebody to talk to.

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