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You learn a lesson

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Today I learned a lesson of life. Everyday a colleague of mine is late at the first class, gets absent, he is not received  at the hour and is punished. We all wonder how it fails to get to know how many sanctions  gets. In a morning a teacher followed him and found  out the reason . Being from a desadvantaged family , it earns money by packing  the newspapers to a few neighborhoods in the city.
    When the teachers found out motivated all absences and apologized .
     We, colleagues started to apreciate him more.
      I learned a lesson.
      ,,Life is like a school, you learn a new lesson everyday , but make sure you take some notes along the way! "



Excellent, Miruna, you have impressed me that every time! What I appreciate in this narrative writing is the simplicity of ideas doubled by ideational profoundness of quotation. I like the comparison between life and school and lifetime marks are the obstacles that man confronts and at the same time overcomes motivationally! Inspired! Congratulations !

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » You learn a lesson