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Option about somebody

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Just a snake
Warning: this is not entirely true but all of it is stupid and people should not focus on drama
        Friendships, something that people cannot live without, but they can be truly toxic sometimes. So letís go down on my memory lane and change peopleís names and alter a bit actual events and embark on a really useless story (again people should not concentrate on drama, but whatever, I got no other idea)
      I was in middle school and I was quite dramatic (still am btw). I used to think that everybody had something against me (I loved drama thatís why) and all started with my first friendship breakout (I know, tragic). I was BFF with her(sorry for using BFF, remember that I was in 5th grade please) for about a semester and BF with another girl. I will call the first girl Cheese and the second girl Fries. We used to hang out so much that I became ignorant to the rest of my classmates. The worst part is that I was being used by them for certain things, like moral support in everything they did and I was a security blanket for them because I was always there. I mean it. Funny thing is that at a certain point I was actually friends with Cheese, but at some point I wanted to be BFF with Fries. Long story short we all got into a fight and I was left  all alone.
    The next school year I made some new friend whom I am still friend with. Finally I knew what true friends were (I was being dramatic, obviously they were not my first friends I am not  that cringe), but surprise, surprise guess who was all alone at the end of the school year, Fries ( dramatic music) and because my new friends were such good people ( today they are mean, I still love them but I had to make that clear) they came up with the idea to invite Fries in our group (spoiler: bad idea). I even remember that once we all skipped Gym class because we wanted to discuss what to do next and I vividly remember that I said  that I did not like Fries and that I didnít trust her and my friends were like: girl chill she is cool new but I had such a gut feeling that I was right and guess what. I was.
    After a while we had a school assignment and we decided that we are all going to collaborate on it and the night before we had to go over to a friendís house to do it. I had a weird phone call made by one of my friends (I will call her Tomato) and she told me that she got into a fight with another friend (her name will be Kale) and I was shocked . Indeed I was. Tomato told me that she got into a fight with Kale because Fries told Kale that she had seen Tomato hanging out with Cheese and her new possy. And I was like: no way. So because of this Tomato was excluded from our project. I was sad. A few days later, Kale and Chips ( a friend in our group) were mad at me because apparently I had gossiped about Kale's crush with Cheese but I didn't do anything . And after I told them that I haven't , they told me that Fries  has told  them. Then everything looked clear. Fries was the snake. Was I right from the beginning? YES. Turns out that Cheese and Fries had the master plan to destroy my little squad and it almost worked.   
        So after that incident our squad was better than ever (new we are all a little messed up LOL)

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Your story takes me back in time to the melancholyc period of the middle school drama. A lot of people did turned out to be snakes then. I'm happy everything turned out just fine. (also I love your creative style of writeing)



In life there are a lot of people like them. Snakes are everywhere and you need to be careful. Btw your story was hilarious. I loved the way you wrote. So farewell my queen


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