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Opinion about someone

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Today I met a new person. His name is Bobi. Throught  common friends we met at mall. We were eating together and found out that he likes sports. I was crazy after athletes I started listening  carefully. I found out he is a footballer and a parkourist. I melted after him. I drowned in his big eyes , actually with food. Then we all  went to the ice rink . He was terrible, he fell three times on ........ ice. The fire of my heart was gone. I'm lying, I like the guy.
     After we skated we decided to go to Carturesti, to buy some books for school. There I realized my prince did not read a book in his life. The fire of my heart went out again.
     We paid .......... the books and we went to our homes.
   .........   My opininion about Bobi was very diverse. I do not like him  anymore... he's beautiful , but not too smart.

cam scurt.

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Girlll, I am so happy for you. Good for you. Bobi doesn't deserve you.



Interesting composition! I believe true love comes from within, not from the fact that someone is "beautiful". That's right, the boy is not so smart and so I think your choice is correct - it's good that you do not like it . Your  narrative composition is so short! Is a narrative composition! You have to write more, up to three thousand words! You can add other happenings from which to derive the contradictory opinion about your love affair!



I think you did well in the end. You don't have to like a person just the way they look, it matters, and how smart it is. You deserve more than a nice boy.



Is better that you are actually aware of what he is like. It's not always about having a beautiful face, but a beautiful mind.



A wonderful text!
I totally agree with you! Sometimes the guys are nice ... and when I open my mouth and start talking .....
My opinion is that you could write more, because the text is a narrative, and the theme you have chosen is a very good subject to comment.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Opinion about someone