In the 8th grade, I always thought only at the exam because I knew that high school will create a future for me. Always when I'm looking at my schedule, I want to see if I have Romanian or math and what homework have to these two matters. I don't care if had other tests at the others matters because I knew that teachers leave us peacefully. But in that day I was bad luck. Last hour we had chemistry and we had let's give test. I went in a break to please don't give the test but didn't want this.Very scared, I skipping with Georgiana,my colleague of bank, in school yard. We would gone home but after school hours we had the choir. After half an hour we went to the store and we met with chemistry professor. We went back to class and found that the test wasn't given.
     I learn that however you would be hungry, don't go to the store while you skipping.