One night, we've got everything at my home. We wanted to do a girls night. We got home to me because my parents were gone with my brother and I was left alone. We was around of eight girls. We listened to music, danced and had fun. Because I'm staying at home, I have a cellar where dad keep alcoholic beverages because there is coolness and probably preserved better. We stand up and Teodora, one of my friends, wanted to go to the bathroom. I told him to come down because to the up bath is a problem and because he was afraid, asked Andreea to go with her. After being at bathroom, they went out and saw the door from the cellars. We, seeing that they don't come back up, descended after them. We found them there and they didn't drunk so much but drunk something very loud. We're back up and Teodora started to fool himself. Andreea filming it and they began to argue because she wanted to post on social media. I understand it because was under the influence of alcohol. We slept and morning Andreea sent the video to everyone.
             From that day, I changed my opinion about Andreea because you can't do that to a friends.