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2nd formal letter

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Dear Mr. Kruger,
I am writing to complain about the inappropriate behavior of your employees and the unpleasant experiences I have had in your restaurant. I belive that you should make big changes with your staff and local for a number of reasons.
First of all, when we arrived at the restaurant, they told us that there is no reservation on my name despite the fact that I made one for three people. At first the situation was unpleasant, but I appreciate that everything was solved and I received the table we booked. I was disgusted when I saw the glasses and the tablecloth covered with dirt. As for food, we ordered everything in vegetarian version, but this fact was not respected.
Second of all,  the behavior of you employees is far from perfect. When I asked the waiter to bring us the vegetarian recipes, as I asked from the beginning, he started to argue with us saying that this was not possible. Even after we showed him what it is write in the menu, the situation has not changed. Although I did not eat, I paid because I came to the conclusion that I had no one to talk to.
As the manager of the restaurant, I hope you will make serious decisions because no one deserves to be treated as my friends and I were treated. We certainly will not come to your restaurant again.




I hate those restaurants where people think they can do whatever they want with you and with your patience. The staff's behavior was absolutely disrespectful! I hope you and your friends will never be treated like this again, and also I hope the manager will make a good choice for his clients.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » 2nd formal letter