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Unusual place

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Last summer I went to France with my brother and my cousin to visit the Versailles palace about I had heard it was very beautiful.
When we got there we were very impressed by its enormous garden and its architecture full of details. All over the garden there were black cats, which was very unusual but exciting for me. At the entrance we were welcome by a stranger man who was wearing a black suit and a hat. He gave us historical information about the palace. We found out that this palace was built in 1682 and it was the residence of the kings of France: Ludovic XIV, Ludovic  XV și Ludovic XVI. I was very
impressed by the fact that the palace contains 2,300 rooms. There was one thing that sounded very interesting and that’s was the existence of a room full of mirrors.The man left us in order to take care of other tourists and from that moment we started our search for the mysterious room. After a while, we get into one side of the palace where there were a whole collections of paintings and sculptures representing great figures and important events that had marked the history of France. Looking around we noticed a black door with embossed golden patterns. We get into a very strange but unique room. The beauty of the room left us breathless because there were only mirrors all over the place. In my mind it was a single question: ‘’Why would you need a room full of mirror?’’, but i quess I will never find an answer for this. We got out of the room and started to walk along the narrow halls of the palace.When we were back in the garden i remembered about the cats and asked the man in black suit about them. He said that Ludovic XVI, the last king, loved cats so much that he ordered to be brought to palace 50 black cats. That piece of information made me thing that although he seemed a cruel king, he had a big heart.
The Versailles Palace remains the most unusual place where I went in my life because of the architecture, the hidden story and the very beautiful things that I saw in that place.



I am so in love with the garden with cats! It's like the heaven, and we are blessed with them! Also, the mirrors room sounds so interesting! I hope you had enjoyed your trip! This trip it's for your mind and for your eyes at the same time and everything sounds full of mistery!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Unusual place