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People should not hang out with those who are significantly poorer or richer.

I donít think that we should hang out with same peoples just  because they are rich or poor .We donít hang out with their money or clothes ,we hang out with their personality .

Of course ,there are same peoples who act arrogant and thinks that they are the best in the world just because they are rich and others who steal and lie for money and other things because they are poor , but we arenít all the same .We are different.

Itís not okay to criticize somebody just because they are rich or poor , because itís possible to find a really great friend which wonít leave you like the others.
So , when you meet a new person , donít ask he if he has money or not ,just try to know him and to be and to gain a real friend.



very nice ideas! i really like the arranging in the page, maybe i should try it myself! how about checking twice before submitting? the grammar isn't the best, but don't worry, mine isn't either, so we can help each other if you want to :)



Yes, we should never judge a person just by looking at his or her bank account. By the way, I like how you  arranged your page. It looks very profesional.



Even if your composition is surely shorter than it must be, I totally agree with you on its topic.
It's not right to judge people and moreover put labels on them according to their income, clothes or even relations. It reminded me of Jane Austen's " Pride and Prejudice"( if you haven't read that book. you definetely should), where people often tended to judge the two young men only by their yearly income which, of course, caused some difficulties in forming a good aquaintance with them.
To conclude, the appearance of a human being might sometimes be false, as you can either find your best friend hiding under the mask of an arrogant fellow or your worst enemy, hiding his bad qualities under the beautiful mask of a civilised person.
Well done and keep going! :)



You made a good essay I like your ideas. It's important to never judge a Pearson by their money, you will be shocked about what a lot of people had to offer. Btw you had a really good page arrangement.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » POOR AND RICH PEOPLE