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A person that nobody likes

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Three years ago I went to Germany to visit my lovely grandmother. She has always loved so much Germany so she moved to Hamburg fifteen years ago. My grandmother is very close to her neighbour, a 79-year-old woman. They are good friends and Mrs.Heady is like a sister to my grandma, who is very fond of her.
One day I decided to take a walk in order to see the famous beauty of the city. While I was passing by a shop, a little boy ran out of that place crying. I was confused and worried so I stoped the boy and I asked him what happened. The 7-years-old boy told me that the seller didn’t want to give him lollipops because he has dark skin so, in her opinion, he doesn’s deserve it. In that moment, I entered in shop and I asked the seller if what the kid said is true. I was shocked when she said that ‘’the black sheep’’ is not like rest of us and that if black people are free, white people are in danger. I felt very sad because I realized that in this whole word many other people are victims of racism and this isn’t fair.
When I came back home the first thing I did is to write an email to the manager of that shop to complain about the deplorable behaviour of that seller. I also told the whole incident to my grandma and Mrs.Heady. They told me that this kind of incidents was unbearably painful years ago. Mrs.Heady, who was dark skin, told me that when she was young, her father and brother were killed by the family they were working for just because they got into an argument.
After that vacantion I understood that if you convict a person because of the colour of their skin say about you that you’re heartless and selfish. I belive we are all humans with rights and obligations.



I can't believe that in 21st century there are a lot of people who judges others because of their skin tone. We are all people and I think that white people who criticize others are the real danger for society, because a comunity is about understanding and tolerance, and everyone has ssomething special, inside or outside!

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » A person that nobody likes