Dear Mr. Simpson,
           Iím writing in connection to remind that I would like to study at Aplied Sciences Highschool, because I consider Iím good at biology and chemistry.I belive you are the best schoolmaster, the students appreciate very much your work so I want you to tell me when exactly are the practice exams. Also, I would like to give me more information about this highschool, because I wasnít very informed by the secretary.
            Firstly, I want to know what extracurricular opportunities I should look for. I wish to be volunteer in a setting, working in a lab or in medical research. It helps me if you can suggest the best opportunities and in which I can build relationships such as volunteering at a hospital for a semester or longer, instead of only volunteering for a one- time event. Itís very important for me, because these activities will confirm my premedical interest when I apply to college. Do you can send me some photos with classrooms and schoolyard? I had never been there and I didnít find on the internet. I want to feel relaxed and to learn with pleasure, so you can say about how are the teachers. What kind of uniform we have to wear? I heard that we must respect the rules.
         I hope you can answer at all my questions and thank you for your attention.
                                                      Your future student,