Your change,your opinion!
    When I was younger, I did not understand why some women do abort. I hated them wholeheartedly. How ruthless I thought I was, but I have never thought that to give birth to a baby, women have to sacrifice a part of them, as well as i did not think the child could steal somebody's health or kill him. Two years ago I realized that my mother has the right to decide whether or not she wants a baby. That's her choice. Rising up, I changed my attitude towards women and their strength in society. A mother is not just a woman. First of all she is a personality.
    I think people should not say "yes" to abortions, but say "the fate of a person is in his hands", because everyone is free to choose what is better for himself. I am against abortion, but sometimes it is a necessity, as an example when the child can be born ill. It's too hard for a mother to see her baby in that state. In my opinion, the birth of a baby is an important step that requires care and patience.

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