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The most disgusting place

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Two years ago, I was on a trip with my family in Germany. The one who dealt with the place where we would have been staying for 5 days was my uncle because he has lived there. We arrived at the airport, and my uncle didnít want to give us details about the apartment or house where we were going to stay.
We were all curious because it was the first time  we went to a foreign country and We wanted to visit as many places as possible. Shortly after, my uncle stopped the car and we all got out. The first thing I saw was a 3-storey building, completely covered in  used chewing gum.
My uncle was very amused by our reactions, telling us that itís not as bad as it seems.
At the reception, a pretty old lady was waiting for us with a large smile on her face.
My parents stayed with that woman, and I started walking from one corner to another, trying to find a place that donít  have chewing gum everywhere. It was awful and funny at the same time.
At one point, I heared my father calling me, and while I was returning, a cat cut off my path and I got back a little. In my inattention, I hit the wall behind me, and when I tried to put myself back on my feet, I did not succeed in any form, because my shirt and my hair were caught in gum. I tried to get away, and I went straight away to my family.
When they saw me full of chewing gum, they all started to laugh. Even the receptionist was laughing.
It was, in my opinion, the most disgusting place I've ever seen! And I'm definitely never going back there again!

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I agree with you... this is a disgusting place! I think you have to be very unlucky to spend your holiday in a place like this one. I find your story funny and hilarious. You have great and unique ideas!



I think this situation is very funny, but I'm sorry for you. Probably, it is horrible to have chewing gum on your clothes.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The most disgusting place