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letter of request

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Dear Sir or Madam,

   I am writing to inquire about some of the courses available at the Constance Private Highschool. As I have lately moved to New York City I am looking for a school that will provide the best options for a science oriented student like me.
   Firstly,  I would be greatful if  you could inform me about matters concerning the an...ual fee as well as the school regulations and policies. Also, another matter I need information on is the school's uniform , wheather or not it is compulsory and where exactly does it need... to be purchased from.
   Secondly, I would apreciate some inf...rmation about the equipment existent in your chemistry lab...ratory as well as its availability to student use.Furthermore , I am interested in most  afterschool activities and study groups as well as the ways to apply and be accepted to them.

Yours faithfully ,
    Sarah Harvey.

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Your letter of request respects all conventions of such a composition, both formally (concise writing,  introduction, two arguments and final) and content: the letter request in a polite and diplomatic manner, information specific to a new living environment . I usually think that such writing needs to be longer. I think you have two hundred and fifty words and you do not have it!!!

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I think your letter of request is ok. You respected the structure, you want to know the essential information and it's good that you focused on activities and clothes, but you could have asked more about future opportunities.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » letter of request