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Should people choose their religion?

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Since the beginning of time, people have always been disputing the subject of whether should they be free to choose their own religion, their own path in life, yet never with closure. Religions have sacred histories and narratives and they aim mostly to give life a meaning. There is no erudite consensus over what constitutes a religion. It is my conviction that people should be entirely free to choose what they want to believe in, albeit we are all taught in childhood and brainwashed by society, by our families, or the places of God (churches, monasteries) who we should be to the core. One having a say in following a religion can have a beneficial effect on the man himself and other followers of the same religion and even others for several reasons.
First of all, one being able to choose his religion provides him with a good sense of purpose and identity. Most people live their lives based on the foundation provided by others. As a child, one grows up learning how to behave, morals, values, and principles based on the religion he joins by birth-right. Everyone automatically sets up his identity but himself and he might be the one to suffer later in life. For example, a child cannot attend a certain school because of religious differences.
Second of all, allowing people to choose their religion ensures the survival of less known traditions and practices. People should have the right to explore all the available religious options and as a result, certain beliefs and practices will not vanish. For example, if one has a religion which supports animals harm, him being an animal lover, he should have the right to explore and choose his identity and therefore he will be at peace with himself.
Admittedly, people might use religion to justify immorality and wrong actions. Harming others and human sacrifices were in the past the base of some religions and nowadays, this side of religion is less dominant, although still existing and hidden from the public eye.
In conclusion, one should have the freedom of religious choice if it does not involve criminal or other atrocious actions. We all must acknowledge other inclinations towards religion different from ours and embrace diversity to preserve the peace and happiness of every single human being.




I think you are right and we shouldn't be force to believe in something that we don't like or don't understand. I honestly think that we should be able to choose in what we believe and be able to make our own path in life, you cannot blame other people who force you to believe in other things and start telling you that you will be punished if you don't believe, maybe they were told these things and they felt the need to tell it to other people. People should be more open minded about different people because we cannot all be the same and if we feel comfortable believing in something people should accept it even if they don't like it.



Well, you said in the last paragraph that people should have the freedom to choose their religion if it doesn't involve criminal or other atricious acts. If ones beliefs tell him/her he ought to kill or hate some kind of people or whatever, no one can really tell that person that he is wrong. That is why we, as men and women, need an universal moral standard.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should people choose their religion?