In the last decade, the technology developed swiftly influencing every area of life, including dating. It is more common nowadays to find a potentially good partner on the internet rather than in real life. Not surprisingly do people search for their halves online, as it is easier to fill out a box with whatever you are looking for in a person and hit a button of search, rather than spend your whole life looking over your fence for a partner with who you might later turn out to be incompatible. At first blush, a long-distance relationship might be convenient, although it is my strong belief that this type of relationships is most of the times unsuccessful for a number of reasons.
First of all, a relationship of any type needs to be emotionally maintained. It is very difficult to keep alive a long-distance relationship when you and your partner live far away, in different countries or even hemispheres. You cannot see your partner whenever you want and sometimes if you cannot coordinate your schedules, you cannot even communicate through applications like Skype or Facebook. Physical touch, such as holding hands in public and walking outside, going to the movies, having dinner together are most of the time out of the question. For example, if the woman in the relationship is needy and the man will not understand, they might argue until the man stops responding and the woman will have nothing else to do but wait for days until the man will talk to her again. Unless the partners truly understand one another, and both make compromises, a long-distance relationship seems like a bad idea.
Second of all, it is more difficult to apologize over the phone rather than eye to eye. Saying “sorry”, only using words to express your feelings will not make it up for your mistakes, words are cold and impersonal without actions. Asking your real-life partner to go to the cinema or visit you might increase your chances of winning the person back.
Admittedly, spending time on your own and investing in yourself, your hobbies and interests are quite profitable. Later, when you will achieve your life goals and you will be able to move in with your partner, you will easier build a stronger relationship. The time invested talking on the internet might turn out to have been worth it.
In conclusion, long-distance relationships need patience, implication, devotement, and care. It is not easy to keep such a relationship, although if taken care of, the outcome might sometimes surprise you and turn out to be favorable. “Distance means so little when someone means so much.”


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