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The Hitler of Our Days

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Iíve met all sorts of people by now, some were fun and valuable people, but others were not so wonderful human species. But of them all, I think Iíve met one of the most horrible kind... of a teenager. Of course, we all have quirks and flaws, but no like this guy who is some sort of Hitler of our days.
                    Unfortunately Iíve known him for some time, but only due to circumstances. And this has made me hate him more. First of all, he thinks he is above all the people, that he is better than everyone else and looks at all those around him with superiority. He has good looks and a sharp mind, especially for sciences, but that doesnít make a person more valuable than others and definitely not to the point he tells classmates that they are stupid and worthless straight in the face and underestimates teachers that are only trying to save him from being expelled. Also, he randomly picks up on people and tortures them every day. For example, I had a
classmate that was fat, but she was a nice girl. And this guy randomly started calling her names and telling her to kill herself, not to say that whenever she was eating, he went to the front of the class and threw bottles of water and everything that came to his hand to her, making her drop everything that she was holding at that moment.
                   Some might say that he became like this due to a tragedy that he had suffered from or a lack of attention from his parents, which is true, because everyone knew how badly his mother beat him, but I still donít think that this can make up for his behaviour. It is hard to believe that some people are born plain evil, but this guy makes me reconsider that. But, in the end, I live with the hope that each and every one of us will get their turn.

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He sounds like a horrible human being or whatever he is. I think it's not the prettiest sensation being in the same room with him everyday. And all of us have our 'tragedies', it's the bad things that make us stronger, that make us who we are, that help us build our character. He has no excuse for doing what he does. And about that girl... I know we're not all the same, but we should treat others with a minimum of respect...  I wish you the best!



I believe that your classmate is a bully. From the way you describe him, he seems to feed of the pain he enjoys inflicting on others. To be honest I don't think this person is worthy of anyone's respect and he should be treated accordingly to his despicable actions.



This is the definition of a real bully! I think it is the best to talk to a teacher or a parent. I donít think it was is problem about what that girl was doing. If she was different from most of the girls,thatís awesome. It is not his problem and I donít feel sorry for him!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The Hitler of Our Days